GB BENEFITS proposed for animations of cultural events , historical celebrations and other events:

In our shop :

The reconstruction of a WORKSHOP Basketmaker

presentation in our shop , the art by the names , shapes and materials many baskets and baskets as well as useful tools and accessories to the work of weavers . all age groups


Permanent entry to animation with use in small wicker ( 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon ) . Children (from 6 years), teenagers and adults , each carries its realization.nimation à entrée permanente avec réalisation de petits objets en osier (2 heures en matinée et 3 heures en après midi). Pour enfants (à partir de 6 ans), ados et adultes, chacun emporte sa réalisation.


crafted during the event by visitors who can spend one or more strands to learn the art of wicker braiding. ( The basket made rest to the organizer at the end animation ) . all age groups.

At the heart of the event:

The Peddler of BASKETS

Wearing his baskets on the back as he wandered by challenging onlookers , as did the old village to village peddlers .

The GIANT wicker character

Peasant of 3.50 m high, walked alternately with the peddler .

Distribution wicker bracelets during parades.

In our EDUCATIONAL FARM you will find: 

  • A discovery garden "How pushing baskets" for young and old .
  • A basketry workshop activities with its collection of baskets and basketry from here and elsewhere.
  • Two facilitators to guide your visits animations of school groups, after-school and adults .