DISCOVER with us, the Art of basketry:


PROFESSIONAL TRAINING WICKERING: The objective of this training is to acquire the basic skills which will allow you to practice the trade of basket maker and to discover its multiple technical and creative aspects. The complete training lasts 420 hours.

It is divided into 12 modules of 35 hours over 12 months (5 days every month). We also offer a short session of 210 hours divided into 6 modules of 35 hours.

Full session: Modules 1 and 2 : round basketry. Module 3 and 4 : oval basketry. Module 5 and 6 : rectangular basketry. Module 7 and 8: up-to-date basketry. Module 9: bakery basketry. Module 10: basketry on a wooden mold. Module 11: lace basketwork. Module 12: traditional basketry.

Short session:Module 1: round basketry. Module 2: oval basketry.  Module 3: rectangular basketry.  Module 4: up-to-date basketry.  Module 5: bakery basketwork. . Module 6: traditional basketry.

We are an approved training organization, so you can request support from your funding organization (Fafcea, Vivea, Pôle Emploi, etc.) from 35 hours of training, for one or more modules.

For support from a funding body, please contact directly to obtain the necessary documents and the corresponding quote.

For more information, see pdf document at the bottom of the page.